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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Gas Prices around the World: How much does gas cost in other countries?

Here's some GAS prices around the WORLD:
The price of regular gallon of gas in:
  • Venezuela is  $0.12 
  • Nigeria is  $0.38
  • Puerto Rico is $1.74
  • South Africa is $2.62
  • Cuba is $3.03
  • Ireland is $4.78
  • Netherlands is $6.48
Go to CNN/Money for more gas prices!

How much does the government spend each day?

Random Fact of the Day
The estimate for the cost of national public services for 2011, is 3.7 trillion dollars! That equals 10.2 billion dollars a day, 425 million dollars an hour and 7 million dollars per minute.
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