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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Random Fact of the Day - 7.26.11

~  Second to bone marrow, hair is the fastest growing tissue in the body.
~  The longest human beard in history is 17.5 feet. 
~  The owner of this beard, Hans N.Langseth was born in Norway in  1846.
~  The fastest growing nail is on the middle finger.
~  In Serbia, fresh garlic rubbed on bald spots to stimulate new hair growth. 

How to make Leave-In Conditioner

Did you know that? You can make an awesome leave-in hair conditioner, right at home!
Use the following:

    • 3 oz Aloe Vera Juice
    • 1 oz Distilled/filtered water
    • 3 tsp Coconut oil
    • 1 oz Giovanni Direct Leave In

Mix thoroughly and leave it in a cool place. You can substitute Giovanni's Direct Leave in with any other natural conditioner. Spray your hair with it and use any natural oil to seal in the moisture.
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