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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Flawless Eyes, Eyelashes & Complexions

4 Random Beauty Tips
Did you Know That? 
Achieving a flawless look can be super easy! Just follow these easy tips:

  • For clump-less eyelashes touch your mascara brush to a clean tissue, then apply your mascara, to minimize bumps and blobs
  • For eyelashes that never end, hold your mascara wand to your lash line and blink into the brush, so that your entire lashes will be evenly coated, and the tips of your lashes will have an extra layer of mascara.
  • For a saturated eye shadow look spritz your brush with water before applying to your lids, the moisture will intensify the shadow shade.
  • For an even complexion, apply foundation with a brush and then blend with a makeup sponge.

ENJOY :-) 

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