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Saturday, February 18, 2012

How to Save MONEY around the house

  • Refrain from turning on lights unnecessarily in the daytime! Use natural sunlight by opening the blinds around your home.
  • Do not do all of your laundry on one day. Instead, split up the different loads of laundry for different days of the week. 
  • Keep your house clean and organized. But, how will this save money? When you need to retrieve something from a room, instead of turning on the light, you can use the glow of your cell phone to find   what you need.
  • That brings me to another important point. Charge your phones, laptops etc. at public places! For example, the mall, your school or the workplace are great places to charge electronic devices.
  • Stick to a grocery list. Do not buy food/toiletry items on impulse!
  • To see other ways to save money follow this link.

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