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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Random Money Facts of the Day

  • In 2002 the most expensive television ad aired of Britney Spears endorsement of Pepsi's Cola. The commercial lasted 90 seconds and Britney was paid 7.53 million dollars
  • Michael Bloomberg, had the biggest budget for a political campaign. His campaign cost 62 million dollars!! Each of 744757 votes for him cost 92 dollars 60 cents. 
  • The most expensive car in the world in production is  the Maybach 62 it costs
     360000 euros.
  • In 1998,the most expensive cat sold for $41,435 in London.
  • The most expensive home in the world belongs to Mukesh Ambani. It's estimated value is 1 billion dollars. It boasts a 150 car garage and is made of glass!
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